Sky Cancellation FAQ

Sky Cancellation FAQThe Sky cancellation process can be daunting, with customers finding they have a number of questions that need answered. To help address these queries, you will find that a set of cancellation related Sky FAQ’s have been compiled below.

I want to cancel my Sky services, but I’m still within the minimum contract period. Is it possible to cancel at this time?

Although there will be financial implications, referred to as an ‘early termination charge’, it’s still possible to cancel your Sky subscription. If you contact Sky on their cancellation number (0843 487 1856), they’ll talk you through the cancellation process and any disadvantages involved with cancelling before the minimum term ends.

I have a Sky services bundle of Sky TV, Sky Talk, and Sky Broadband, but I no longer want the Sky Broadband service. Are there any costs involved with cancelling it?

If seeking to cancel only part of a services bundle, you will find that the costs of your other Sky services will increase. As you currently have a bundle of services, the cost is lower than the total cost of individual services (because of the package deal). Additionally, you will be charged a fee if you cancel during your contracted subscription term. By calling Sky on 0843 487 1856, you can discover the exact costs applicable to you.

I’ve cancelled the direct debit for my Sky services, has my subscription now ended?

A Sky subscription can only be cancelled by phone through contacting a Sky agent on 0843 487 1856 or receiving a return call from Sky. Until this occurs, you will still be charged for your Sky services, and non-payment will lead to a build-up of debt.

I want to downgrade my Sky TV service to a cheaper package, how can I do this?

To downgrade your package you will need to contact Sky on the number 0843 487 1856, and confirm a new TV service option. Any cancellation of a part service including downgrading needs to be done by phone, although you can request a call back from Sky online or by post.

What does a Sky cancellation involve?

A Sky cancellation involves the account holder confirming intent to cancel their Sky services, and the acceptance of any fees related to cancelling. This needs to be done through a phone call with a Sky representative (using the number 0843 487 1856).