Sky Cancellation Departments | Contact Advice

Sky Cancellation DepartmentsSky is one of the largest telecommunications and entertainment companies in the United Kingdom. It offers products ranging from broadband services through to on demand movies. With such a wide range of offerings it can sometimes be unclear which department you need to talk to if you want to cancel sky service. Here you can learn which department you need to talk to to cancel sky service and what is the correct number to call.

How to cancel Sky television

If you want to cancel sky television then you need to contact the sky TV helpline on 0843 487 1856. Sky recommends that before cancelling any automatic or direct debit payment that you call the helpline. This is to avoid a missed payment in case there are any additional charges. When you call the sky adviser to cancel your subscription they will inform you if there are any additional fees owing. This is usually the case when you have not reached the end of your fixed term subscription.

How to cancel Sky broadband

If you decide you want to cancel your sky broadband the first thing you need to check is how long you have left on the contract. The majority of sky broadband packages run on 12 to 18 month contracts. You need to see if there is any penalty for cancelling Billy. If you have any questions then you should call the sky broadband department and talk to a sky adviser about your account. The correct telephone number to call for Sky Broadband is 0843 487 1856.

If you are unhappy with the service that you have received you may be able to cancel your payment even if you’re still under contract. You can ask for a deadlock letter to be sent to the alternate dispute resolution scheme. This is an independent body which will look at your case and decide whether you can cancel your sky broadband without paying any penalties.

How to cancel Sky Talk

If you want to cancel sky talk then the correct telephone number to call is 0843 487 1856. Sky talk typically has a minimum contract period of 12 months. If you have not yet reached the minimum contract period you may owe early cancellation charges. You should check your contract to see what reasons are allowable to cancel your contract early. Termination charges will be based on the amount of days that you have left on your contract. The longer you have to your contract expires the higher your cancellation fees.