How can I get in contact with Sky?

Sky have a pretty large following on social media, their Facebook page have over 800,000 followers. You can contact them via direct message on Facebook or via the wall. Although they typically respond quickly within an hour their response rate is not great at only 72%.

Their Twitter has a smaller following of 170,000 but they also have a dedicated Skyhelp team twitter with which have 136,000 followers. You can Direct tweet either of these and they should respond:

There is also another Sky Twitter account made exclusively for help queries

Depending on what you want to discuss with sky the options for contacting them vary. Here is a quick overview of your options:
Accounts and Billing
Bills & Payments : 0333 009 1392 or use the online payment system:

Change your account details:
0333 009 1939 or you can change your email address online:

Sky TV:
If you are having problems with your Sky TV you need to use the online fault checker:

To change your TV pin, use the online form:
Or Phone 0333 0091939

You can also use this number to Activate your sky viewing card, ot you can use the online form:

To Join or Upgrade your Sky TV package you can either ring 0330091939 or you can use the web chat function on the website, which is available from 7am-11pm 7 days a week.

If you want to cancel your Sky account you can either fill in the online message form or chat live to someone on the sky website. Or you can phone 03330091939.

Sky Broadband:
If you are having problems with your broadband you can check these online:
Or Ring 0333 009 1939
If you want to cancel your broadband you can do this via online chat or ring:
03300 413 000

Most things to do with Sky mobile can be dealt with via the usual number 0333 009 1939 but if you want to cancel you will need to ring 03300 412 524.

Other ways to get in contact with Sky

If you need to make a complaint you can do so via the online chat or phone the normal phone line 0333 009 1939 there is no dedicated complaints line.
If you would rather complain in writing then you will have to send a letter in the post as there is no email address available. The address is:

PO Box 1805
West Lothian
EH54 7XG

If you are not having much luck with the contact centre then you might want to try the head office address:

Grant Way

In the unfortunate event that you are still not happy after contacting SKY directly you can contact the communications ombudsman on:
0330 440 1614 (phone)
0330 440 1615 (fax)
0330 440 1600 (textphone)

Or you can write to:
Ombudsman Services: Communications
PO Box 730

Or you can email:

The ombudsman will give you an independent answer to your complaint, but you will need to ensure you have completed the complaints process with SKY prior to contacting them.

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