Sky Cancellation Number – 0843 487 1856


Sky Cancellation NumberSky is this largest satellite broadcasting company in the United Kingdom. Sky offers a mix of news, entertainment and sports through its various packages. However there may come a time when you want to cancel your sky subscription by calling the Sky Sports cancellation number . Below you can learn what Sky phone number to call in order to cancel your service. You will also find out why Sky wants you to call them when ending your contract plus the Sky cancellation 0800 number.

What is the cancellation number for Sky?

To cancel sky you need to call the following Sky number on 0843 487 1856. This phone number is not free to call for any sky talk customers. When you call the sky cancellation helpline you will speak to a sky adviser who will walk you through the process of cancelling your sky package. 

Do you need to call Sky?

Sky request that you call them in order to verify your details and process your cancellation requests. Sky wants to talk to you in person because they need to explain any consequences of ending a service. This includes early termination charges and loss of potential discounts if you have not finished your minimum term contract. If you have only just joined sky in the past 31 days then you will not need to call in person in order to cancel your service.

Sky Cancellation NumberShould I cancel my direct debit payments first?

Sky recommend that you do not cancel any ongoing payments such as direct debits before you have talked to sky. This is because there may be an outstanding amount owed on the account. If you cancel the direct debit before talking to sky then you may have a debt on your account to sky.

Can Sky help with moving to another provider?

If you are cancelling sky because you want to move to another satellite television provider Sky can help you with the process. Explain that you are moving to a different provider and they will work with you to ensure that you don’t experience any loss of service.

Sky cancellation number 0800

If you want to speak with sky you can call the cancellations team on a free phone number which is 03300 413 018, 03 numbers are charges the same as 01/02 (landline) so if you get free minutes to this it will be the same for any number starting 03.

Cancelling sky to get a better deal?

It has become more and more known that if you call the cancellations team you have a good chance of getting a better deal by treating to leave, while this is true a lot of the time we advice to approach this in a friendly way. The suggested approach when it comes to approaching the customers services team in the retentions departments works well, tell them the costs
have shot up to point you can’t afford the Sky bundles & you are tempted by offer from Virgin tv, BT, Talk Talk or Sky tv deals for new customers however you have been really happy with Sky is there nothing they can do to try match the deals or you might have to leave..

How much notice to cancel Sky?

Well how long is a peace of string..? Sorry its fairly simple just times the monthly cost of your package by the number of months you have left, to find this out simply call 0843 487 1856 this will direct you to the sky cancellation team or visit

Sky cooling off period

There is actually different lengths depending on the services you have, its will always start from installation but will either be 14 days or 31 days just check with the sales rep on a recorded call to confirm

Sky retention phone number

You can call 0843 487 1856 this will direct you into the cancellation team, if you want the 0800 number for the cancellation department best using the 03 number 03300 413 018, this department can deal with the cancellation of Sky broadband fibre, Sky sports, Sky Tv & any other service they have.

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